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August 17, 2017

Weekend sweatshirt

sweatshirt: shein

This sweatshirt is so soft and comfy.  I'm sure there are many that disagree but I am ready for Fall weather.  Comfy sweatshirts, windows open, a new season.  This sweatshirt will be on repeat. (I'm wearing a medium for reference, as you never know with sizing and it fits perfect.)  Addi starts preschool next week and I feel all kinds of nervous thinking about starting preschool again. I'm praying it'll be an easier transition than last year, and know it is so good for her.  And I'm looking forward to some solo time with Isaac.  But for now enjoying the weekend and not thinking about Monday!  Happy Friday friends! 
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August 15, 2017

I could be wrong

skirt: c/o shein

I feel like these days any length of skirt, dress or pants is acceptable, and while in the past I would never buy a mid length skirt because I thought it was unflattering on my short self, I love them now. Although I do feel like this could pass for a day in the prairie.  When I taught third grade we did a unit on pioneers and at the end visited a little town set up like pioneer days, with a one room school house.  Pretty sure minus the knotted tee, this would be an appropriate costume.   So perhaps I should reconsider it has my new favorite piece of clothing.  

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August 14, 2017

Mint Standard - the best dress made by one of my favorites

dress: mint standard clothing  sandals: target

I'm so excited about this post! You all need to know about the most comfortable, versatile dress that you're going to want to wear every single day.  Kelley is the creator behind Mint Standard Clothing and if you don't know her already you will love her and her ideas and designs.  I first became friends with Kelley from blogging years ago when our girls were babies.  She also has another daughter Isaac's age, so it's extra fun to follow each other as we're in the same life stage. (Her daughter Olivia is hilarious and her and Emma are just the cutest.)  She is sweet, funny, gorgeous and I wish we were neighbors.  I fully plan on meeting her in person someday! 

Kelley wanted to create a dress that could be worn for work, for playdates, to lounge around in, run errands in and everything in between.  She wanted it to be as comfortable as yoga pants, hide sweat, and still looking put together.  It took her awhile to find a fabric that could do all that, but she finally did.  The dress seriously feels like my yoga pants.  The material is so soft, but not thin.  I am in love with the sleeve length and how it fits, and the length is perfect.

I almost forgot about the pockets!  Any dress with pockets is automatically better, and these are so big, you can hold your phone, your keys, whatever you need when you're at the park with your kids or running into a store.

My only problem with dresses in this stage of life where I'm chasing two little kids or sitting on the floor is that if I did all that I'd surely flash everyone.  Which is why Kelley also designed these shorties.  They are the same fabric, so they're super comfortable and they even come with a pocket that holds your phone perfectly.  So if you're stuck with a dress without pockets and wear these underneath, you can stick your phone and keys in there.  I've worn these under multiple dresses and love them.  They don't ride up and they are high waisted and smooth and suck you it.  It makes it so much more comfortable to wear dresses these days.

Also Kelley won me over even more when she lifted up her dress to show these shorts when she was interviewed on tv.  She also pulled a baby doll out of the pocket.  She seriously could not be cuter and did such a great job.  (You should watch her interview here and will love her.)

I got the original in black.  I think I can wear it year round.  Sandles in the summer, boots and booties in the Fall.  I think it'd look cute with a statement necklace or a scarf, with tights or tennis shoes. She also created another style called the cinch and both come in a few different colors.  (I want the striped one too!)  Kelley is also coming out with Fall styles soon and I can't wait to see them.   Her dresses could be worn so many different ways and for any thing you do during your week.  I have no doubts this dress will be worn again and again.  

Kelley I think you are a total rockstar.  Full time job, amazing mama and now designing and running a clothing line.   I am so so proud of you and am cheering you on big time!  

Make sure to follow Mint Standard on instagram (@mint_standard) and facebook (mintstandardclothing) to keep up to date with new looks and news!  

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August 9, 2017


ONE.  I went to Old Navy last week and they had SO many good clearance things!  I don't even know what I was thinking not buying this orange dress because it was only $10.  I did buy this cute tank top for $12 and these jeans for $10.  Plus some super cute workout tank tops for $5, a swimsuit bottom for $1.50 and some summer clothes for my kids next year for $2 each.  I want to go back!

TWO.  I have SO many pictures from our family vacation.  A good 300 pictures that I need to go through them.  My blog has been a good motivator to keep up with editing and organizing our pictures!  I can't even handle Isaac's face in this one: 

THREE.  My nephew spent the afternoon and then night with us on Tuesday.  I never want to take for granted how lucky we are to live so close to my siblings.  Our kids are so lucky to grow up together and I love spending time with them! 

FOUR.  A few things I want to own . . . 

 one  //  two 
I want both of these for Fall!  With booties and a sweater? 
three  //  four
I've seen this first dress many places and think it's so cute! And it's less than $20! 

FIVE.   It's been a weird two weeks since we got home from vacation, and I've felt a little overwhelmed and emotional lately.  I am praying for a relaxing weekend and hopefully better week ahead!  
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August 3, 2017

Kiko & Max - as if baby booties weren't already cute enough

We went on vacation last week with my family and I have so many pictures to go through. We had such a great week away!  There was a beach about five minutes away that we went to a few times and all the cousins had so much fun playing in the sand and the waves.  Isaac isn't too thrilled about cold water, but he loved the sand.  Before we left we got this adorable little swim diaper from a friend and Isaac's little self looked too cute in them! 

My friends' neighbor started a cute line called Kiko & Max and I was so excited when she contacted me.  These swim diapers are perfect because they have snap closures on the side for an easy on and off, they are soft and comfortable and the best thing is that you don't need to wear an actual swim diaper.  They hold everything in and can be hand washed and dried.  Swim diapers can be expensive if you use them often so these are a great option!  (You can currently buy them on Amazon prime here: Kiko & Max for only $13.  Isaac is in a size medium and they seem like the right fit (small 11-18 lbs. medium 16-21 lbs & large 21-35 lbs.). Their girl diapers are SO adorable too! Check them out here!)

Kiko & Max currently sells swim diapers, but soon will have a Fall line out with baby outerwear and cute rainwear.  I can't wait to see it!  Follow them on instagram at @kikoandmax for updates and new products!  Their Fall line will be available on Amazon and other department stores too. 

Thank you so much for the adorable swim diapers Paula!  I love them and am glad we have some summer left to wear them! 
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